Crosstitch - CODAworx


Client: City of Phoenix, AZ

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2006

Artwork budget: $1,300,000

Project Team


Ed Carpenter

Ed Carpenter Studio

Industry Resource

Art Johnson

KPFF Engineers

Industry Resource

Albina Pipe Bending

Abina Pipe Bending





Oanh Tran

H.K.S., Inc.

Industry Resource

Derix Glasstudios, Germany


“Crosstitch” was developed in collaboration with the design team, with an emphasis on light. The resulting treatments are composed of interconnecting tension elements & ever-changing light-activated surfaces integrated with the architecture. The building is one of the largest structures in Arizona, housing fifteen rental car companies and six thousand cars. Carpenter concentrated his efforts on the vast transitional spaces within the building. Art wall: 800’ x 25’, Skylight areas: various sizes. Dichroic glass, aluminum channel, stainless steel cables and hardware


Ed Carpenter’s concept for the incorporation of sculpture in Phoenix, Arizona’s new Consolidated Rental Car Center was developed in close collaboration with the design team, in keeping with the project’s emphasis on light. The resulting treatments are composed of interconnecting tension elements and ever-changing light-activated surfaces completely integrated with the architecture. Travelers encounter glowing spaces and unusual light and shadow patterns as they pass through the building.


Collaborating with planning committees, architects, engineering consultants, and community groups is not only standard procedure on most of my public work, I believe it can be undertaken in such a was as to strengthen the final product and the bonds among team members. An example of such a complex collaboration is the Consolidated Rental Car Center at the Phoenix International Airport where I was selected even before the architects, and I participated in creating concepts for all the public spaces of the building. The result is a focus on light as the subject for both the art and the building that builds on the power of the greatest natural resource of the region to create a memorable gateway to the State of Arizona.