See Her - CODAworx

See Her

Submitted by Ann Lewis

Client: Now There

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Ann Lewis

Public Art Agent

Kate Gilbert

Now + There


45’H x 38’W acrylic, spray paint, paper, glue, polyurethane on cement See Her was commissioned by Now There and created in community with Community Resources for Justice (CRJ)- a transition space for women coming out of incarceration. The woman pictured is Laura Minot, a former resident of CRJ whose determination for rebuilding her life captivated my creative process. The word ‘choice’ is found in a maze underneath her imploring the viewer to question their own choices about how they treat the incarcerated or formerly incarcerated.


The goal of this work was to celebrate the humanity, dignity, and tenacity of those embroiled in our criminal justice system


I worked closely with Kate Gilbert the executive director and founder of the non-profit Now There to thoughtfully create a work of art for the city of Boston. We worked diligently to get the approval of the Mayor's office, the Landmark Commission, the neighborhood, and the church across the street from the mural. The work was then celebrated by the community, the city, and various governmental officials who, inspired by the work and Laura herself, recently passed legislative reform for women who are incarcerated.