Digital Stained Glass, Programmed to Ebb & Flow with the Pace of the Space


Client: MAX Designs

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Our client wanted “something spectacular” on a new digital canvas to create a special vibe in a hotel lobby.
Designed from a peacock feather, fractaled into a digital image, then rendered to look like stained-glass, this dynamic installation moves like a kaleidoscope when triggered by motion, or on any schedule you program
Enhance the illusion that this is indeed a window to the outsie with a flock of birds flying behind occasionally or the sun moving in real time across the sky behind. Even set up an outside camera that plays real imagery of what’s happening outside, behind the glass.
A truly immersive, captivating design that emits its own light for your casino, hotel lobby, or resort. Ever changing, constantly refreshing its design. We can create a stained glass window from any sentimental, personal or corporate image your heart desires.
With stunning results.