Client: Metro St. Louis

Location: St. Louis, MO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team


Barbara Grygutis

Barbara Grygutis Sculpture LLC


Metro St. Louis

Landscape Architect

The Lawrence Group


Austin Tao, AIA

ATArchitects & Planners

Industry Resource



Initially a dark site, the Scott Avenue Transit Station, which serves St. Louis’s Grand MetroLink, is located beneath the new Grand Avenue Bridge. This integrated sculptural environment incorporates designed lighting to create a bright, open, and safe atmosphere for commuters. The influence of natural shapes and lines soften the Plaza site reinforcing the welcoming tone of the space. Grygutis’ concept uses the curvilinear lines of nature to drive the design, creating a “garden” with concrete, steel and light.

Additional Information

The two sculptural ‘seed pod’ forms create a gateway to the station. The gateway forms are semi-transparent, allowing natural light to run through. The stream of light one sees during the day becomes a glowing blue light at night which radiates from the forms and illuminates the entire plaza. The LED lighting embedded in the organic paving design work in concert with the sculpture, and are the "night blooming flowers" of this “Garden Under the Bridge.”