Verbé 2 - CODAworx

Verbé 2

Submitted by Mel Ristau

Client: The University of Colorado

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Noel Copeland

University of Colorado/Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus


Mel Ristau

Ristau Sculpture, LLC

Public Art Agent

Jil Rosentrater

Director Art in Public Places, Colorado Council on the Arts


An early integration project for The University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Center, Ed 1B, Denver, CO
—a Colorado Council on the Arts project—
suspended kinetic sculpture/mobile
10 x 29 x 12' (H,W,D)
Weight: 150 lbs distributed over 5 suspension points
Specific Media/Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane
Style: Abstract


Designed to be a hierarchal sequence of actions in a shared, group dialog—active dialog being a mainstay of academics. Suspended from 5 drops, each section progresses in size and complexity and is composed of stacked planes of activity. The "stone" shaped elements that are common in my interior works are polished and textured with accents of color. Fully kinetic, the work presents as a statement of inventive, positive change and discovery—qualities related to constant occurrences of creative and critical thinking—campus-wide.


The approach I take to commission art projects begins with listening and collaborating and results in proposals that are appropriate and distinct from my previous installations. My enthusiasm for problem-solving results in fresh and striking themes that are project specific.  Images in my CODAworx portfolio show how this approach has resulted in diverse yet apt solutions. Each of my projects is an example of successfully responding to my client’s objectives with a kinetic sculpture that both welcomes and inspires its audience.

I bring business management skills and an extensive design background to each project. Each of my 25  installations has been delivered on schedule, within budget and have immediately proven appealing to a broad audience. Participating on design teams for over 35 years, I have worked extensively with administrators and planners, architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and fabricators who say what they like most about our collaborations is my being “superbly professional,” and “a joy to work with,” while contributing a “masterful understanding of architectural space,” and “superb craftsmanship.” The established professional relationships I can call upon insure a successful development-to-installation process.

Additional Information

“Using forms of variety and complexity that delight and intrigue the viewer, Mel composes his sculptural expressions to respond wonderfully to interior volumes, coexisting with architectural space, not overwhelming it. His craftsmanship is superb, and when his pieces are further animated by ambient air movements, the resulting work is art with a sustaining visual interest, even in a setting where it is experienced on a daily basis.” Noel Copeland, Resident Architect, University of Colorado/Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus