Sands Venetian Artwork


Client: Sands Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 1999

Artwork budget: $20,000,000

Project Team


Sheldon Addleson

Sands Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino


Wayne Littlejohn

Littlejohn Studio


The Sands/Venetian Project involved a large team of artists.

At the time of its construction the Sands/Venetian Hotel Resort and Casino was the largest project in Las Vegas and was chronicled in sources such as Wired Magazine, The Nation and the BBC documentary “King of the Strip”.

Images in this project are sculptural reproductions and inventions, constructed for the Las Vegas Sands/Venetian Casino and Resort Project.
These works are reproductions of Venetian originals, carved in contemporary materials, hard shelled and faux finished to look like stone/metal/marble and wood.

A unique aspect of the “Venetian Project” is that Sheldon Addleson, majority owner, insisted upon individual artists working on pieces rather than in teams. This approach resulted in a great variety of technical skill and style being visible throughout the Resort. He was insistent upon the Artwork being of the highest quality, right down to reproductions cast authentic Italian gondolas.


Re-create a scale version of Venice Italy on the Las Vegas Strip, with the key historical buildings and finest Venetian Sculptures, Art and Architecture.