Contrails - CODAworx


Submitted by Patrick Marold

Client: City of Dallas, Dallas Love Field Airport

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $325,000

Project Team


Mathias Leppitsch


Public Art Agent

Guy Bruggeman

Dallas Love Field Airport

Public Art Agent

Kay Kallos

City of Dallas

Industry Resource

Nick Geurts

Master Construction

Industry Resource

Michael Mowry

Mowry Studio


Patrick Marold


Composed of stainless steel, this sculpture rises to approximately 14' high, follows a wandering path over 600' in length and consumes a 118' diameter circular area.


My intentions were to create a sculptural environment that could be navigated and appreciated from within as well as from a distance. Located at the Dallas Love Field Airport, this work refers to the contrails left by air traffic that are then distorted and whipped by the winds in the sky. As the sculpture reflects different quadrants of the sky, it reveals layers of color and value, overlaid on each other from the viewers perspectives.


Myself and my team collaborated closely with the design team at Dallas Love Field to locate and scale the concept with consideration to the site details. With construction and installation, we worked closed with the site construction contractors to align all the details of the physical sculpture, insuring success for all.