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Welcome Friends

Submitted by Jill Casty Glass Art

Client: Terra Mar Centers

Location: Whittier, CA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $35,500

Project Team


Jill Casty

Jill Casty Glass Art


Heather Metoyer

Terra Mar Centers


This project is painted steel, in tones that are vibrant yet coordinate with the colors of the center that the sculpture signals. 18’ high x 17’ wide, it’s a joint project of The Quad Shopping Center and The City of Whittier. Its design is a delightful abstraction of a treelike form with open, welcoming arms on an always bright and sunny day. It has a certain solidity and an almost playful, airy quality at the same time. The sculpture is placed strategically at the corner of the center at a major intersection of the city.


The goals was to establish a friendly relationship between the center and the city by capturing a festive echoing of the sculpture’s surroundings, the abundant trees of Whittier. The title of the work itself connotes this positive, friendly relationship by calling to mind the Quaker history and traditions of the city.