Flight of Ideas - CODAworx

Flight of Ideas

Client: John Wayne International Airport

Location: Santa Ana, CA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Beth Nybeck

Beth Nybeck LLC

Design / Engineering

Steve Uthoff

IDS Group


The “Flight of Ideas” is suspended in Terminal C of the John Wayne International Airport. The sculpture spans over one hundred feet in length and hangs twenty-five feet into the baggage claim area. The piece is composed of twenty-one birds that are hung from a steel feather armature. Each bird has an abstract aluminum body and geometric wings. The wing designs are derived from the first attempts at biplanes and gliders. The wings have colored lexan panels that have aviation maps printed onto the surface. As the light passes through the wings you are able see the maps.


To activate this space in an imaginative way, celebrating the birds of this region.