Aritz Ona - CODAworx

Aritz Ona

Submitted by merge conceptual design

Client: Valley Metro Phoenix, AZ

Location: Phoenix, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $235,000

Project Team


Claudia Reisenberger & Franka Diehnelt

merge conceptual design LLC

Public Art Agent

MB Finnerty

Valley Metro

Industry Resource

Greg Brockman

Magnum Companies


Permanent Public Art Installation at Glendale Avenue Light Rail Station,
Painted Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
5 structures, ±10’x13’x14’


The Glendale Avenue light rail station is located in the middle of a busy multi-lane street and is accessible through a 180' long pedestrian approach along the median.

The art installation consists of five organically shaped canopies lining the walkway to the station, and was inspired by the origins of the name arizona: the basque words “aritz ona” mean “the good oak tree”.


Our art “trees” add rhythm, shade, and interest to the station approach, and serve as a landmark to passersby and light rail passengers alike. Small, sequin-like elements fill the canopies; they sway lightly in the wind and cast both light dots and shadows on the ground.