3D Feature Wall - CODAworx

3D Feature Wall

Submitted by Teresa Aversa

Client: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Teresa Aversa

Art and Objects


Rob Baytor

Art and Objects


Taking reference from the iconic facade of the Sheraton Centre Toronto building, this dynamic 3D wall that can be adjusted to play with visibility, pattern and light. The ‘scales’ of the entrance wall reference the iconic window scape of the SCTO property and the changes in the overall look created by the opening and closing drapery by guests on any given day.

The feature wall consists of over 1200 12″ x 12″ adjustable scales. Each scale hangs on an adjustable hinge and has the ability to pivot to an angle to create the overall composition. The scales are finished in dual colour powder coated steel and will be adjusted and composed on site during installation.


The goal of this particular commissions was to try to capture movement in a static object. By adjusting the individual scales to create an overall dynamic pattern, guests will be able to view different site lines and patterning as they move throughout the lobby.

Additional Information

Finishings: Dual Coloured Scales (Automotive Black with Dark Bronze)