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3-floor mural for Harmon House, Healdsburg

Submitted by Jessica Martin

Client: Harmon House

Location: Healdsburg, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Jessica Martin


Harmon House


For my three-floor mural project with Harmon House, Healdsburg, I interviewed the staff and owners about their daily activities, and asked them for ideas on how they wanted their experience to be as they walked the hallways. I created a mural inspired by my interviews and by my research on the changing local ecology. The mural was designed so that it continued through all the floors of the building; each floor was a new experience, but also referenced the shapes above and below. Staff and guests were very pleased with the project, as the giant shapes and warm colors brought energy and life to otherwise repetitive, white hallways.


Goals of the project were to feature a contemporary approach to mural-making, while referencing local geography, nature, history, and community. We wanted the mural to provide a dynamic, joyful, and evolving experience for guests as they walked the halls on each floor.