2023 South Link Art Festival - CODAworx

2023 South Link Art Festival

Submitted by ShuLun Wu

Client: Taitung Dawn Artist Village

Location: Taitung County, Taiwan

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Shu Lun Wu

Taitung Dawn Artist Village


Cameron Hanson

Taitung Dawn Artist Village


The South Link Arts Festival
embraces the theme of “Dream Revolves the South” and collaborates closely with the youth
organisations in the South Link region. We’re working hand in hand with local artists and the
young talents from the tribes to explore and experience the beauty of our local landscape,
seamlessly blending nature, human interaction, and art.


To let the artists and the people who are interesting join this project can get more information fron here


We will invite the artists for doing the out door or in door art works and totally found it.
So Artis can send our team the information CV.
We will see if there's any space good foe the artist to make their artwork. If good with the location we will send email invite the artist work with us.