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16 FT Wall Mural

Submitted by Danielle Duer

Client: Red Leaf Interiors / Jamaica Zraleck

Location: Nashville, TN, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team

Interior Designer

Jamaica Zraleck

Red Leaf Interiors

me / the artist

Danielle Duer

Danielle Duer Art


This is a project commissioned by an Interior Designer for her client’s 4th floor residential project.
I worked with both the Designer and the homeowner to understand their original vision. However, as we continued to discuss options for the parts of their vision that was still undecided, together we found a new direction and I provided them with a mockup that everyone was happy with before starting the installation.
This 16 ft wall took one week. The exact amount of time that I planned for.
This was a successful project with a happy homeowner, happy designer and no hiccups.
I am very proud of the final mural.


The homeowner wanted a statement wall with lots of different shades of green and something that felt moody,


I was originally approached about creating a mural based on a piece of art that I had created that they wanted to see as a mural. After discussing with the two back and forth, the direction changed and we decided to incorporate pieces from this original idea into another painting that I had created. During each new idea that the designer and the homeowner came up with, I provided mockups to give them a visual for what this might look like.
I was more than happy I could speak directly with the end client for this project. Listening to her speak about the project, her ideas, hopes and the things she did not like, helped me so much to understand and to narrow in on how to make her happy.

Additional Information

From the Interior Designer Jamaica Zraleck of Red Leaf Interiors- Nashville TN "It's perfect."