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1000 Hands

Submitted by Wevolve Labs

Client: Burning Man Arts

Location: Black Rock City, NV, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Co-Creator, Lead Artist

Nicholas DeBruyne

Co-Creator, Lead Producer

Maria Gotay

Tech Lead

Janitha Karunaratne

Tech Lead

Lauren Schroeder

Materials Lead

Morgan Baker

Volunteer Coordinator

Jordan Miller

Volunteer Coordinator

Liz Bryant


Max Puglisi


Ariel Kornfeld


Sabrina Reitman

Build Crew

John McMenamin

Build Crew

Kayleigh DeBruyne

Build Crew

Rama Chavali

Build Crew

Marshall Lowry

Build Crew

Sandro Caruccio

Build Crew

Margaret Heidrick


Maite Aizpurua


Davison Herberg

Graphic Design

Marcelo Villanseñor


Max Richardson-Reitman


“1000 Hands,” built in collaboration with Art Island ATX, is a monumental 56-foot tall tapestry celebrating collective creativity. By day, it depicts an abstract fiery landscape, while by night, it transforms into an illuminated starry sky. This dynamic artwork symbolizes the interplay between our climate fears and hopes for a bright future. Over 500 participants co-created this masterpiece through open studio sessions and community outreach programs. The tapestry, enduring high winds and natural fluctuations, aligns with the mountain landscape at a certain vantage, serving as a sky portal that reminds us of the sun’s eternal rise. Participants could swing from its base, experiencing the ripple effects of their actions at a monumental scale, seen from a great distance, embodying the power of collective impact.


The primary goal of "1000 Hands" was to embody the spirit of collective creativity and community engagement. As an integral part of the Burning Man festival, the tapestry was designed to inspire and unite participants. Its presence at the festival highlighted the importance of collaboration and the transformative power of art. The tapestry's interactive nature allowed festival-goers to engage with the artwork physically and emotionally, fostering a sense of shared experience and communal effort. By day, it served as a striking visual landmark, and by night, its illuminated display added to the festival's vibrant atmosphere, creating a seamless integration with the overall event.


The project was designed as a framework for others to contribute their skills and creativity. From tying a single knot to assisting with fundraising, lighting tech, volunteer management, and build day, we created a community as we built our art. Outreach programs played a significant role, ensuring a wide range of voices and perspectives were included. Artists, volunteers, and community members worked side by side, sharing skills and stories. The collaborative spirit extended to the installation phase, where participants helped bring the tapestry to life in its final location. This collective effort not only resulted in a stunning piece of art but also strengthened community bonds and highlighted the importance of working together toward a common goal.

Additional Information

"1000 Hands" is more than just a tapestry; it's a dynamic, living artwork that evolves with its environment and the interactions of its viewers. The use of programmed LEDs to transform the tapestry into a vibrant night-time display adds an element of magic and wonder. The alignment of the tapestry with the mountain landscape creates a powerful visual metaphor, connecting the artwork to the natural world. Participants' ability to interact with the tapestry by swinging from its base adds a tactile dimension, making them co-creators of the artwork. This project is a profound reminder of the impact we can have when we come together, and it stands as a beacon of hope and creativity for the future.