100 Flowers of Peace – Multimedia Art Project


Client: Panama Museum of Human Rights, and for Peace Centers Globally

Location: Panama City, Panama

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Design and coordination

Namaya Art Rat

Namaya Productions

Videography design

JSS Shaw



Multimedia Art Project on the poem 100 Flowers of Peace – The poem has been translated into over 100 languages. It is a series of video projections for the Peace and Human Rights Museum like Oslo, Hague, UN. It is scheduled for the Panama Museum of Human Rights in 2022. This is a sample:


The goals are to provided a portable, cost-effective presentation that can be incorporated into a variety of public spaces such as Peace and Human Rights Centers


Having presented this poem globally, it has become apparent it is far more efficient to present this to peace centers globally without the expense of a physical display. With this virtual display, we can present this anywhere.

Additional Information

We are glad to partner with all public spaces, museums and galleries to present this multimedia project to inspire peacebuilding.