Zachary Oxman

12302 Carroll Ave
Rockville, MD US

Phone: 301-706-4105


Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Glass
  • Architectural Metal
  • Architectural Walls
  • Furniture
  • Light Art
  • Public Works
  • Sculpture
  • Suspended and Mobiles
  • Wall Art

Zachary Oxman's works of whatever scale bear scrutiny. The more you look, the more you will see. There is that palette of life-affirming emotions, the technical wizardry that allows earth-bound images to soar, and a visceral challenge to explore hand-in-hand with the artist the richness of the idea that is expressed in his creation. These layers are never more in evidence than in the sculptor’s monumental works, whether they be the defining visual touchstones of a land- or cityscape or the centerpiece of a private collection.

My Projects

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