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Rosanna Scimeca is a first-generation Sicilian American, multi-disciplinary artist, and creative entrepreneur dedicated to women’s empowerment through participation in the arts. Her work is propelled by a drive for personal and cultural transformation, and conceptually weaves together themes of intimacy, violence, gender, power, sexuality, and mythology. Often incorporating the human body, either literally or figuratively, Scimeca’s work draws from the artist’s experience growing up in a strict, traditional Sicilian home, and as a Brazilian Jiujitsu black-belt and ex-professional dominatrix. What results are works from medium to monumental scale, from sculpture to performance. Scimeca’s practice places industrial materials such as metal, stone, glass, and wood, in conversation with bio-materials such as animal flesh, organs, plant fibers, and the human body. Her original and collaborative works have been commissioned by and exhibited at festivals such as the Coachella, Burning Man, SF Arts Festival, and Stagecoach Country Music Festival, as well as in the Mills Museum and galleries across on the East and West coasts. She is the former founding director of Wrythe Arts, a fashion photography studio creator space in Brooklyn NY. She closed Wrythe Arts in 2019 to pursue her newest endeavor, Savaggi — a public arts initiative and art fabrication theater based in Newburgh, NY. For more on Rosanna’s work and creative journey, and to get in touch:

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