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  • Architectural Metal
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  • Sculpture
  • Technology
  • Wall Art

Feral Studio produces original large-scale metalwork installations and specializes in the design and construction of commercial, residential, event, and civic art -- all under the aesthetic vision and structural knowledge of principal artist/designer, Rob Buchholz. Over the past 10 years our team has found a special niche in the events industry. Our installations have been featured at both large and small scale events across the globe. Our specialty focuses on the large environment that is changed as a result of our work. From private corporate events to concerts and festivals, our installations leave a lasting impression for all spectators and participants. Rob Buchholz grew up Reno, Nevada, in a family centered around construction and art; his Father and Grandfather were both carpenters, while his Mother and Grandmother were both oil painters. In the summer months Rob would go to work with his father and learned the fundamentals of construction and consequently how to engineer and build projects; skills that would later allow him to work in San Francisco as a project manager working on high-rise buildings. During this time, Rob became more interested in creating his own original art installations. Drawing from his interest in art and construction, he found he had the perfect blend of creativity and professional know how to bring his imagination to life. Rob brings years experience combining his aesthetic vision, structural knowledge and craftsmanship to every project. Working in the medium of stainless steel, polystyrene, structural concrete, and mosaics, Rob Buchholz pushes the boundaries of scale and brings his aesthetic vision to life. Embodying a range of treatments and materials, Rob’s experiential works enrich the world with his view of where pretty meets raw.

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