Ralph Helmick

447 Lowell Ave
Newton, MA United States

Phone: 617-332-2433

Website: http://www.helmicksculpture.com

Profile Type: artist

  • Sculpture
  • Suspended & Mobiles

Ralph Helmick is a sculptor and public artist. Since his first public art commission in the mid-1980’s – the Arthur Fiedler Memorial, on Boston’s Esplanade - he has worked in various materials (including metal, stained glass, cast resin, and found objects) to create large-scale public sculpture in parks, schools, museums, and other public spaces across the US. Helmick has completed over fifty major civic commissions in the U.S., and recently completed "The Constellation", a historic project in the United Arab Emirates honoring the founder of the UAE.

My Projects

  • Floating World

    “Floating World” is a permanent artwork for the new Biorenewables Complex at Iowa State University....

  • Arbor

    “Arbor” is a permanent suspended artwork for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in...

  • E Pluribus

    A dramatic structure descends from the atrium ceiling of the US Courthouse in Cedar Rapids,...

  • Drawing Room

    Drawing Room 2015 50’ high 11’ diameter stainless steel; silver-painted steel; LED’s The site serves...

  • Schwerpunkt

    Ralph Helmick was engaged by the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT to create...

    • Suspended Sculpture
    • Educational Facilities
    • Celebrate Culture
    • Science
    • Metal
  • n plus 1

    A streamlined sculpture of an adult leatherback sea turtle floats beneath a cloud of small...

    • Suspended Sculpture
    • Airports
    • Welcome / Attract Visitors
    • Animals
    • Mixed Media
  • Field Guide

    An epic panel of overlapping imagery stands outside the entrance to the VA’s Polytrauma &...

    • Sculpture: Abstract
    • Healthcare
    • Healing
    • Nature
    • Metal
  • The Constellation

    The Constellation is a monumental unconventional portrait of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al...

    • Sculpture: Abstract
    • Parks
    • Commemorate
    • Geometric
    • Mixed Media
  • Return

    Return 2018 is a monumental gateway sculpture located at the main entry/exit to Hopewell, VA....

    • Sculpture: Abstract
    • Bridges, Roundabouts and Roadways
    • Celebrate Culture
    • Industrial
    • Metal
  • Convergence

    A jury is at once the strongest and most fragile link in our system of...