Shane Allbritton

5615 Briarbend Dr
Houston, Texas US

Phone: 832-746-3637

Mobile: 832-594-1797


Profile Type: artist

  • Landscape and Water
  • Murals
  • Sculpture
  • Suspended and Mobiles
  • Wall Art

As a visual storyteller and mixed-media artist, Shane Allbritton’s site-specific work is centered around a response to the ethos of place and memory. She focuses on the recording, revealing, or celebration of historical narratives and ephemeral existence. Her work attempts to subvert expectations surrounding a subject matter by engaging through ambiguity, curiosity, movement, and modified but recognizable imagery. Her work leaves room for interpretation, in the hopes that viewers will examine different perspectives, revealing unexpected connections. Peter Bernick-Allbritton is a mixed media sculptor whose narrative-based work engages with the notion that all things are interconnected. Whether his work references the ontology of human existence and nature, industrial intervention, or the past and present, Peter’s work attempts to visualize and comment on unseen connections. He believes understanding the link between past and present is essential for a basic grasp of the condition of being human, and therefore invites the viewer to discover common-shared memories. Together they focus on interpreting a site-specific narrative to create meaningful and impactful artworks that provide a sense of shared experience. Working with a multi-disciplinary approach allows experimentation with an array of materials and technologies. Aesthetic and formal qualities emerge through research, community engagement, and consultations with experts in various fields, dictating the materiality of a project. Designing and producing museum exhibitions for various cultural institutions, they gained an appreciation for immersive or non-linear storytelling and the potential of recontextualizing history through art. In 2012, Shane co-founded Houston-based public art studio, RE:site, which is heavily influenced by this collaborative and holistic approach. Having completed over fifty public artworks and memorials around the country with a very broad range of budgets, we are involved in every aspect of our projects.

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