Niki Glen

Tucson, AZ United States

Phone: 602-690-9399


Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Glass
  • Architectural Metal
  • Ceramics and Mosaics
  • Public Works
  • Sculpture
  • Wall Art

I specialize in designing and directing collaborative large-scale public art murals, concrete sculpture, parks and other gathering spaces. I've created over 100 public works in my career andI'm known for my ability to develop a rapport with the public and to spur community involvement. My core belief is that public art belongs to everyone. My mosaics, sculptures, benches, and murals feature themes that focus on building connections and inspire positive changes in society. My work is made of stone, metal, glass, colored and stained concrete, handmade clay mosaic, paints, and other innovative, environmentally sustainable natural materials.

My Projects

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