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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1964. Lives and works in Caracas. Magdalena Fernández’s studies began in the fields of physics and mathematics. In 1982 she attended a Graphic Arts course at Boston University, and in 1983 she enrolled at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, where she studies Physical and Mathematics Education. After two years at the university, she began exploring design, and studied Graphic Design at the Instituto Neumann in Caracas, graduating in 1989. She traveled to Italy, where she studied with architect and designer AG Fronzoni "Inscape and graphic design" at his "Scuola Bottega" in Milan. She worked as an independent graphic designer in Italy from 1990-2000, where she collaborated with different companies and projects. She worked on production and in the graphic image of the company Agape (Mantua). She began making installations and stainless steel sculptures in the mid-1990s, setting them into the ground and inviting viewers to move in and around them; Working also in Public art Projects. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Fernández began using digital media to incorporate moving images to her work. Presented with solo shows and group exhibitions in many Museums and Galleries around the world; as Caracas, Ciudad Bolívar, Venezia-Mestre, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Florida, Zürich, Lisbon, Mantua, Milan, Lodz, México, Bogotá, Medellín, Madrid, Barcelona, Sharjah, Istanbul, New York, Paris, Marcigny, Lucca, La Habana, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia. She has taught courses and workshops in plastic arts at undergraduate and graduate levels, at the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón in Caracas, as well as in different institutions in her home country as well as in El Salvador and Italy. Among her exhibits : Magdalena Fernandez, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles MOCA . Usa, 2015 2iPM009 , under Complete Concrete , Haus Konstruktiv . Zurich , 2010 Worlds in Process , 53rd Venice Biennale, Venezuelan Pavilion. Italy, 2009 Surfaces, CIFO Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation. Miami , USA , 2006 Communicating Vessels II , Surfaces ; Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, 2006 Awards 2018 AICA (Asociación Internacional de Críticos de Arte) Prize: renowned artist 2017 CODA AWARDS: Public Spaces; Rain: Magdalena Fernández at The Houston Cistern. Houston, TX 2016 Armando Reverón Prize: Conceptual Art. Asociación Venezolana de Artistas Plásticos AVAP 2011 AICA (Asociación Internacional de Críticos de Arte) Prize: Best Exhibition 2009 1st Prize. X Cuenca Biennial. Cuenca, Ecuador AICA (Asociación Internacional de Críticos de Arte) Prize: international projection 1999 Best foreign artist, IV Atlantic Forum. Pontevedra, Spain Sole Award, VI Christian Dior Biennial of Visual Arts. Caracas, Venezuela 1998 Arturo Michelena Award, 56th Edition. Valencia, Venezuela 1996 Sole Award, Eugenio Mendoza Award, 8th edition. Sala Mendoza. Caracas, Venezuela.

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