Judith Modrak

32 Union Square East, Studio 1212B
New York, NY US

Phone: 917.991.6167

Website: http://www.judithmodrak.com

Profile Type: artist

  • Sculpture

I am a sculptor and installation artist based in New York City whose work often bridges art and science. I am fascinated by what goes on inside and outside of us – from the composition of brain cells, to the ways in which memories are formed and stored, to the intricacies of human engagement, to the fragility and beauty of the ecosystem we inhabit. My painted sculptures and participatory installations manifest and amplify different aspects of our internal makeup, whether that takes the form of a reimagined neurotransmitter, as in Passion, or the histories we inherit both genetically and personally, as in Ancestors. The relationship between inner impressions and the external world, taken together, unmask how our personal and collective experiences develop and are mirrored in the larger environment. These concepts are explored in depth in recent public art works in New York City such as Endangered Fossils in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Cartographies of the Mind on Governors Island, and Fluid Pathways in Blanca, Spain.

My Projects

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