Johnson Atelier Digital

60 Sculptors Way, Suite A
Mercerville, NJ US

Phone: 609-890-6666

Mobile: 347-526-9533


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  • Engineering
  • Fabricators and Foundries
  • Project Management
  • Restoration and Conservation Services
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Lets Make Something! The Johnson Atelier Digital specializes in 5 Axis CNC Milling, 3D Laser Scanning, CAD Modeling, Digital Enlarging, Metal and Wood Fabrication, Paint & Finishing, Architectural Restoration, and Project Management. We are pioneers in the development of new processes and fabrication techniques for Sculptors, Museums, Designers, Architects, and Scenic Artists. Our mission was to make the technology that was becoming more prevalent in the commercial sector available to sculptors. We have developed and refined digital processes to scan and enlarge sculptures and mill rapid prototypes for efficient mold-making and casting in a fraction of the time used by manual processes. Our services have expanded over the years to include: restoration and fabrication work for architects and contractors, museum conservation and antiquity repair, immersive environments, industrial design, and scenic design for stage, theatre and film. The Digital Atelier at it's core is a collaborative environment of creative problem solvers across multiple disciplines. We are Engineers, Artists, Fabricators, Pioneers, Innovators, and Project Managers.

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