Cindy Kessler

529 Main St., STE 116
Loveland, OH US

Phone: 513-683-7500

Mobile: 513-403-2009


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  • Architectural Glass
  • Ceramics and Mosaics
  • Sculpture

Cindy Kessler is president of Kessler Studios, which designs, builds, and installs stained glass windows, mosaics and glass & steel sculptures. She describes her style as Abstract Interpretive. Kessler seeks to bring concepts which define a client's space and work into the design through intensive dialogue. The result is artwork which integrates into the architecture and is visually stunning on its own, but which can also bring a deeper understanding after learning what the design components symbolize. Kessler's hope is that her work can bring a sense of well-being, understanding, and harmony without overt symbolic contrivances.

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