Ivan Kostov

jk.Geo Milev 105, ap.33
Sofia , BG

Phone: +359-888-831326

Mobile: +359-888-831326

Website: http://www.ikostov.com

Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Walls
  • Ceramics and Mosaics
  • Sculpture
  • Wall Art

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1961 and graduated from the Academy of Arts in 1986-MFA, ceramics. Since then I have been creating works of art incorporated in architecture. I have worked on art projects in Bulgaria, USA and Canada. I believe that architecture as a form of visual art has an indirect social impact for a continuous period of time. The Art of Architecture is when its product maintains the relevance in the ever-changing world, defining the habitat as a material environment of our social interactions and relations. The architectural structures are a reflection of the time, place, and culture in which they were generated. The relationship between the public artwork and the architectural environment can be explored in many different ways: from organic unity to intentional “breaking” of the context. The possibilities are endless and the successful result is when we have achieved an active dialogue of the joined forces: Idea - Impact. In my process I develop a unique conceptual design, which is the most appropriate for the location, addressing all the specific requirements, technical parameters, and the relationship with the surrounding structural components and natural environment. For each individual project I examine the material presence and characteristics of the artwork so that it may become an organic part of the existing architectural and urban background. The final design is subject for additional conceptual exploration, multiple tests of the technique in accordance with the overall design solution, and the input of various constituencies and community stakeholders. In the work on public art projects for concrete architectural settings, it has always been my goal to achieve the harmonious synthesis of visual message and material expression, as an aesthetic essence of social and human interactions.

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