Curtis Pittman

Battle Ground, WA US

Phone: 917-455-0136


Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Metal
  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Light Art
  • Sculpture

My journey as a public artist has helped me discover that creativity is catapulted through strong collaborations with other talented individuals. Although portions of my job require the handling of a lot of stress, I have found comfort and happiness in the people that I trust. I have faith that my team can deliver the highest quality work available. Incredible skill, unique knowledge, perseverance, and hard work are the defining words of my project team. Our skills in creativity, project management, fabrication, and integrative technologies have formed the genesis of what my work is today. I am passionately dedicated to improving the built environment for humanity through art. The uniqueness of “place” is defined by its physical, social, and cultural contexts. “Place” is what inspires me. Capturing a sites history, its rich traditions, and its surrounding context in the physical manifestation as a sculpture is where my expertise lies. I am fascinated by nature. I have a great appreciation for the wholeness of nature and the harmony of its patterns. Much like nature, my work is comprised of individual structural elements working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. I am inspired by mother earth, its creation, and “we” as its inhabitants. As a result of this obsession, the exceptional natural characteristics of the existing context have a strong influence in bringing my art to life. My projects are designed to significantly contribute to the vitality of life and community. They are a permanent representation of the values and aspirations of the place of which they inhabit. Words such as innovation, curiosity, hope, and transformation are consistently used to describe my work. As stated above, my greatest reward in life is to create shared experiences that benefit humanity. Through these experiences my work fosters stronger communities by connecting people socially, spiritually, and intellectually.

My Projects

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