Benjamin Langholz

Reno, Nevada US

Phone: 626.354.2541

Mobile: [email protected]


Profile Type: artist

  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Landscape and Water
  • Sculpture
  • Suspended and Mobiles

Benjamin Langholz is a California native who worked in Berlin 2018-2022. He is interested in the process of collecting and transmitting feelings. Benjamin’s work explores a variety of ways for visitors to experience feelings and emotional states in the body. Benjamin works primarily at an epic scale using stones, steel, and kinetic elements. He is well known for his sculptures Beam - Burning Man 2022, Stone 40 - Radical Horizons the Art of Burning Man, Chatsworth House UK 2022, and Stone 27 - Burning Man 2019, now in a private collection in Marin, CA. His works are on display in Las Vegas, Germany, France, South Africa, California, and Washington, and he has shown in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, and Colorado. Benjamin has collaborated with Israili-Berlin-based engineer Amihay Gonen since 2019.

My Projects

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