Ben Brummerhop

22 High Street
Mineral Point, Wisconsin US

Mobile: 619-629-9764


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  • Wall Art

Artist Ben Brummerhop’s work is both deeply personal and universally relevant for both artist and observer, reflecting vibrant, rhythmic energies that vibrate with contemporary aesthetics and timeless themes of crisis, perseverance as well as human and artistic triumph. Brummerhop’s work tells his own journey while also traversing the paths that mark the struggles, growth and liberation we all strive towards every day. Brummerhop’s canvases are rooted in southern ideals of forthrightness and carefree creativity born out of his time spent painting in his youth with his Great Aunt Evelyn. Those beginnings grow in his work to become contemporary statements on rebirth and beauty that reflect his own story as well as the stories within each of us. Even today – with nearly 400 works in private and public collections – Ben still relies on Evelyn’s pallet knives (her primary tools of choice) to bring forth the memories and philosophies that are the building blocks of his modern-day work. Those works have been showcased at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, the Overture Center for the Arts and the prestigious Michael Murphy Gallery in Tampa, Florida, among others. His early group shows quickly led to solo exhibitions and numerous commissioned pieces now prized by collectors who value, and share, his creative voice and vision. Brummerhop’s most personal and acclaimed collection, “A New Use for Syringes,” was the sole subject of a five-city tour. Conceived in 2010, “Syringes” recounts the artist’s battle with drug addiction and features 79 pieces painted using syringes, marking Brummerhop’s personal triumph over the instrument of his near demise through transforming the tool of his despair into a metaphoric brush of artistic confidence and creative expression. “Syringes” concluded its national tour at the critically acclaimed “Voices of the Warehouse District” show in Dubuque, Iowa. Today, Brummerhop primarily works with individual clients, building personal relationships that lead to commissioned pieces reflecting the artist’s belief in the power of art to transform homes and perspectives. Limiting his commissions to less than a dozen per year, he collaborates closely with his clients to create personal masterworks that provide meaningful statements, and deep resonance, to the spaces the inhabit and the lives that they share. Brummerhop’s work can be found in collections traversing the globe. Marriott Hotels, Ameriprise Financial Group, The University of South Florida, Credit Union National Association and Dean Health are just a few of the corporate collections where his work now has a home. In addition, his art continues to be a prized part of private collections in both the United States and abroad.

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