Allison Newsome

18 Cole St.
Warren, RI US

Phone: 401-489-1640


Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Metal
  • Commemorative
  • Landscape and Water
  • Sculpture
  • Wall Art

I dedicate my work to Biomimicry, the study of nature to resolve problems for people and the planet. My work reflects my need as an artist to create sculptures that speak about water conservation and sustainability in a time of climate change. The work not only makes awareness of water but acts as an actual patented working utility that harvests rainwater for garden use. My 'RainKeep' acts as a work of art and 'Place Maker, much like a public well in a village creates a gathering. The RainKeep’s upper canopy and rain chains direct water into a vessel that holds 150 to 1,000 gallons of rainwater for drip irrigation, bucket or hose. The Rainkeep partners with community garden’s and the movement for sustainable agricultural practices in urban and rural areas. Healthy soils and regenerative agriculture are one of the most important solutions of our time. 2020 Historic New England purchased RainKeep ‘Three Sisters’ for their community garden at Casey Farm. It will be used for educational programming including the Eastern Woodlands ‘Origins’ story and the indigenous sustainable practice of interplanting. 2021 Florida Botanical Gardens commissioned RainKeep ‘Botanic’ for their new Children’s Discovery Garden. This work will be used for their programming on sustainable agricultural practices partnering with The University of Florida Agricultural Dept. The Nature Conservancy commissioned RainKeep 'Charmed' for the city of Chelsea, Ma., urban community garden. It is of utmost concern that the work is site-specific, by incorporating the history of the site. : i.e. for Providence I collaborated with Wampanoag Native American artist Deborah Spears Moorehead who designed imagery that tells the Iroquoian 'Origins' story incorporated into 8ft of vertical rain chains.

My Projects

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