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Sites of Visual Inquisitiveness: Mike Hansel’s Large-Scale Outdoor Metal Sculpture Invites Collaboration, Relatability, and Wonder

large-scale outdoor metal sculpture

While Mike Hansel’s early works were likely to appear in museums and galleries, today his large-scale outdoor metal sculptures increasingly populate public—and decidedly accessible—sites. “People will say, ‘Wow! What’s that made of?’ or ‘How’d you get that to bend that way?’ and come up to touch them,” says the Rhode Island-based artist. “I like to listen, anonymously, to the comments people make. It’s a great way to hear honest appraisals of the work.”

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Bronze Sculptor Jean Jacques Porret’s Intuitive Approach

Edition of 5, size 8 x 18 x 12 in
Jean Jacques Porret

Most of Jean Jacques Porret’s abstract contemporary sculptures begin with a simple sketch, even sometimes just a scribble. If the drawing, loosely playing off the human form, proves compelling, he may return to it–tracing and retracing certain lines, reinforcing some

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