Water, Pyrex, and NASA: Our Staff Picks

The CODAworx staff chooses our favorite of the most recent design + art projects published on the site. 

In this edition: interactive water projects, Pyrex, and NASA technology.

  • Globussphäre by Gordon Huether Studio

    "I've never seen Pyrex and Dichroic glass look so beautiful! This sculpture by Gordon Huether literally glows in the dark..." —Toni

    Photo: ARBURG GmbH + Co KG
  • Tangible Orchestra by Picaroon

    "As an installation and a performance, Tangible Orchestra depends on people and space to build a musical score. Participants interact with a single cylinder and add or subtract their part from the overall piece. I love that each time people "perform" the piece, it will sound different and that everyday people are turned into creative collaborators for the work." —Paul

  • Flora and Fauna of Arizona

    "Flora and Fauna of Arizona is a collaboration by artists Niki Glen of Glen Art Studios and Helen Helwig of Helwig studios. These artists worked together to embed clay and stone mosaics in these five large pillars with imagery that referred to the surrounding nature of Tempe, Arizona. With help from the community, this project is a perfect example of the integration of art in functional design." —Alexis

  • TTechnology of Light & Art by Anthony Dallmann-Jones

    "I am blown away that this talented artist utilized discarded NASA technology to create dynamic, vibrant art and a new wave of light ray photography. He captures the excitement of revitalizing ideas for cross-purpose and making art out of science!" —Stef

    Photo: Crystal City - Light Sculpture
  • Studio 44 Loft by Veech Media Architecture

    "This project is one of the best uses of light I've ever seen. The ambient light fixtures create an inviting space--perfect for event design. I'd love to go to a shindig here." —Roze

    Photo: Hertha Hurnaus
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