Friday Roundup: Bridges of CODAworx County (Pathways, Too)

Our Friday Roundup features some of the most beautiful bridges, pathways, and overpasses. Get from here to there by browsing below.

  • Any Angled Light, Bear Canyon Arroyo Bicycle/Pedestrian Path by Linnaea Tillett

    This 12,400 square foot bridge uses 450 LED lighting fixtures with custom handmade dichroic glass lenses to reflect and contrast Albuquerque's cinematic sunsets.

  • Bagley Pedestrian Bridge by InForm Studio

    The Detroit bridge was a massive collaboration: designed by architect Cory Lavigne, with a mural by local artist Hubert Massey. Community forums settled on the subject of Mexicantown and how the construction of the pedestrian bridge would begin to mend the division of the community, leading to the sculpture "Spiral Kinship".

    Photo: James Haefner Photography

  • Baldwin Hills Gateway by Cliff Garten

    This huge, gorgeous bridge makes a statement about its environment: the pattern calls back to "disturbance caused by oil infrastructure" and production in the area.

    Photo: Jeremy Green

  • From Here To There : The High Trestle Trail Bridge by David Dahlquist

    This half-mile bridge has been recognized as a major contribution to regional economic development, with an additional 15- to 20,000 people per month traveling to the local communities on both sides of the bridge. The installation is regularly programmed to bring in foot traffic, including 12 monthly “Rides of the Full Moon” featuring picnics on the bridge.

    Photo: Kun Zhang

  • Tree Camouflage on 24 Concrete Supports by Gregg Payne

    This acrylic piece installed in '06 brings some whimsy and interest to this bridge overpass.

  • Silent Lights by Shagun Singh

    Silent Gates is intrinsically interactive. The pedestrian pathway in Brooklyn has 2400 LEDs, which use a microphone to respond to sounds from the street and display corresponding light patterns.

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