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Piecing it Together: The Singular Sculpture & Career of Linda Leviton


If there’s a current that runs through the career of metal sculptor Linda Leviton it’s that she seeks harmony in the combination of opposites. From her early days as a graphic designer to her present, well-established career as a professional

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The Art-Filled Spaces of Wagner Murray Architects


“All good things come by grace, and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.” –Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It So reads the epigraph to Wagner Murray Architects‘ visually stunning 2007 monograph, Visual Performances. It’s a

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Bringing Value to Light: The Impact of Public Light Projects


When it comes to light, we humans are not so different from the idiomatic moth. The energy for all living things is derived from the sun, its light a most necessary ingredient for our survival. Light is essential in our

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Redefining the Public Artist: Franz Mayer of Munich Architectural Glass and Mosaics

A listed structure, Theodor Fischer built this distinctive workshop on Stiglmaierplatz in 1923. The building features big, bright workshops, studios, offices, exhibitions spaces and artist studios as well as the pavilion by Betz Architekten which is used for Float Glass painting. The workshops and offices offer artists 32,000 square feet of space to create artworks.

In the heart of Bavaria’s capital city lies the Kunstareal, the museum quarter, home to some of Germany’s most famous museums, massive stone and glass buildings showcasing world-class collections of art, sculpture, and artifacts from centuries past. But travel just

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