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Suspended Memories: The Indelible Work of Terry Welker, FAIA


Please stare. That’s the behavior Terry Welker wants to encourage when it comes to his artwork. “Mobiles allow people to stare,” muses Welker, an established architect and Fellow of the American Institute of Architects who has been creating mobile and

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“What the Body’s Pose is Saying:” Gerald Siciliano on Workmanship, Intuition and the Art of Reinvention

Statuario Marble
12x 14x 9 inches

Gerald Siciliano passed by an auto body shop near his Brooklyn, NY studio for several years before the inspiration hit him. More precisely, he passed the shop’s dumpster overflowing with discarded plastic bumper covers in a spectrum of colors and

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Jonathan Brown: Mosaic for all Mediums


Talk with mosaic artist Jonathan Brown, and you get the distinct impression that his work is, for him, a form of play. He’s become a master of his craft in the nearly twenty-six years since founding his company, Modern Mosaics,

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Datascapes and Discovery: The Art of Jonathan Spring


Using data—and being used by it—has become a pervasive and essential part of our daily lives and the accepted way the world works, yet it’s largely invisible. When phenomena become so widespread and embedded in culture that they fall into

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