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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CODAworx Announces Strategic Partnership with ARTA Shipping
    CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, announced a new partnership with New York-based ARTA Shipping, expanding the CODAworx marketplace to its global network of creative professionals. ARTA provides a full-service logistics operation, powered by an easy-to-use online platform catered to the specialized needs of fine art transport. Their technology helps hundreds of museums, galleries, collectors, and artists streamline the complicated process of moving artwork from one place in the world to another.

  • Rosemary Feit Covey

    Mysterious Glory: The Expansive Visual Poems of Rosemary Feit Covey
    Rosemary Feit Covey creates imagery that elevates the natural world to the realm of allegory and fable through her visual poems.

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CODAworx Announces Art Commission Contract
    CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, today announced the introduction of a standardized Commission Contract that clearly spells out the agreement between the entity commissioning a work of art and the artist or company hired to create the commission. The CODAworx Commission Contract, developed in digital form and available on the CODAworx website, provides a simple fill-in-the-blank format to detail the expectations and align the goals of both parties to the artwork commission.

  • sculpture

    Balancing Acts: The Cellular Sculptures of DeWitt Godfrey
    “People who spend time with my work are amazed that they move slightly when touched- they are incredibly strong, but they are also surprisingly delicate.” Sculptor DeWitt Godfrey has spent his professional life fascinated by the physics and practical application of materials. The hallmark of his current sculptures are conical metal sections, which when multiplied and combined create works of placid organic beauty. These ovoid shapes give Godfrey’s work the uncanny ability to appear to change shape as light transforms their convex and concave surfaces. “My works arise out of a process in which I am always in touch with what the materials show me regarding what forms are possible.’ This is as true for the elements that make up the sculptures themselves as for the architectural structures and natural landscapes that are the settings for his commissions. Godfrey refers to this process as “form finding as opposed to form declaration.”

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