Welcome to the May issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best in design + art projects from all over the world.  The magazine is published eleven times a year by CODAworx.com – we’re an online community for artists and design professionals to showcase their work, collaborate with one another, and earn recognition for their projects.


Surface and Meaning is the organizing principle of this month’s issue.  Artists and designers use a variety of media and techniques to turn walls, ceilings, and everything in between into veritable canvases, filling the architecture of our lives with textures and images that add meaning and depth.

federal-court-house-mangold-36681CODAmagazine documents this trend of turning traditional surfaces into exciting artworks; we have selected 25 amazing projects where collaborative teams transform giant buildings, home interiors, chapel walls, and even stairwells from the ordinary to the extraordinary. These teams work their magic using glass, mosaics, tiles, murals, and stone.

We tend to think of surfaces as superficial, but in fact, these surface treatments often cause us to look deeper, slow down, take note, or simply enjoy.  A ramble through the pages of this month’s issue reveals the power of the surface: a passageway wall becomes a joyous light and sound installation, concrete columns in an underpass haunt with beautiful tree patterns, and acrylic braids (imagine!) transform an iconic water fountain in an urban setting.

These elegant solutions in the form of artwork projects create spaces that people want to be in and experience.  We hope you will subscribe to CODAmagazine on Flipboard to receive the best design + art projects from all over the world, delivered to you, free of charge, each month. We look forward to sharing these incredible collaborations with you.


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Toni Sikes, CEO and Publisher