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Toni Sikes, Publisher
Paul Smirl, Editor
Typhaine Morrison, Director of Marketing
Roze Pirvany, PR Manager
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CODAworx is honored to showcase the following artists and design professionals, featured in this issue of CODAmagazine:

Wayne Chabre, Artist
Washington, US

Charlotte Cohen, Public Art Agent
New York, US

Dixie Friend Gay, Artist
Texas, US

Nancy Gong, Artist
New York, US

Louise Griffin, Artist
California, US

HENSE, Artist
Georgia, US

Alex Hirsch, Artist
Oregon, US

Paul Housberg, Artist
Rhode Island, US

Gordon Huether, Artist
California, US

Suzanne Johnson, Artist
Michigan, US

Cindy Kessler, Artist
Ohio, US

Kim Lai, Architect
Melbourne, Australia

Jeane McMenemy, Artist
Washington, US

Alan Michelson, Artist
New York, US

Ronald Moppett, Artist
Calgary, Canada

Yorgos Papadopoulos, Artist
London, UK

Greg Payne, Artist
Arizona, US

Jade Rivera, Artist
Lima, Peru

Kristen Rolando, Art Consultant
Georgia, US

Shuli Sade, Artist
New Jersey, US

Norie Sato, Artist
Washington, US

George Scott, Artist
Washington, US

Ansen Seale, Artist
Texas, US

Jeff Smith, Artist
Texas, US

Randy Walker, Artist
Minnesota, US

Helen Dennis, Artist (video)
New York, US

Gary Drostle, Artist (video)
London, UK

Peter Feldstein, Artist (video)
Iowa, US

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