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Toni Sikes, Publisher
Typhaine Morrison, Director of Marketing
Danny Zawacki, Magazine and Copy Editor
Maya Barkai (, Selection Committee Guest Artist
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CODAworx is honored to showcase the following artists and design professionals and the cities in which their work flourishes, featured in this issue of CODAmagazine:

Christine Lee
Madison, WI

Lighting Design Collective
Helsinki, Finland

Denver, CO

Bloomerang Studios LLC
Elmdale, KS

Dana Lynn Louis
Junction City, OR

Elisabeth Nickles
Philadelphia, PA

Konstantin Dimopoulos
Houston, TX

Randy Walker
Minneapolis, MN

Roberto Delgado
Washington, DC

Shan Shan Sheng
Venice, Italy

Andrea Polli
Albuquerque, NM

Andrew Leicester
Arcadia, CA

Bob Zoell
Los Angeles, CA

Women’s Wisdom Initiative
Berkeley, CA

Willis Newson
Bristol, United Kingdom

Myth Makers
New York City, NY

Geluniene Carroll
Kaunas, Lithuania

Indira Johnson
Chicago and Evanston, IL

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts
Newark, NJ

Laurel True
Mirebalais, Haiti

Leah Harper
New York, NY

Studio Kimiis
Ottawa, Canada

Carolina Aragon
Cambridge, MA

Jason Dilworth

Matthew Mazzotta
York, AL

Erin Lareau
Milan, Italy

Joe LaMantia
Bloomington, IN

Sarah Hall
Saskatoon, Canada

Colin Selig
Pleasant Hill, CA

Elizabeth Damon
Pittsburgh, PA

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