December 2018

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Video III

Welcome to the December issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. Video is the organizing principle this month and what a thought-provoking issue it is! We appreciate that video is an important way to tell the full story behind commissioned art projects - from the source of inspiration, through the collaborative process and the actual creation of the art, to the experience of work that is rich in movement, light, and live-action projection. These creative design + art documentary shorts highlight commissions where art is successfully integrated into interior, architectural, and public spaces.

In this engaging issue you will:

  • be immersed in a poetic universe created through machine learning and artificial intelligence with artistic interaction in Paris, France
  • witness the creation of a public-participation video installation in Times Square that symbolically releases our fantasies of overcoming imposed obstacles in our lives
  • be absorbed in a multi-sensory, origami-inspired sculpture in Dallas, TX that brings the aesthetic force of kaleidoscopic beauty forth with animated sequences of geometric shapes and particle animation that are ever changing
  • behold the recreation of a 3-metre tall ancient sculpture carved from a single 45,000-year-old tree via augmented reality in New Zealand
  • explore new ways of storytelling through an intelligent artwork created with realtime data that both expresses and responds to the spirit of Los Angeles
and much, much more.

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