March 2017

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Transformative Walls III

Art that transforms walls is the organizing principle of this month’s issue. Artists and designers are taking the fundamental building block of our structural environment and turning the walls of our spaces into rich and amazing canvases for art. CODAmagazine documents this trend; we have selected 25 evocative projects that are certain to delight.

These are collaborative projects that reinvent the concept of the wall—by adorning, covering, and constructing the walls that make up our built habitats. Some creative professionals apply transformative surface design, using traditional materials to create eye-catching patterns that go on for miles. There’s nothing boring about these Transformative Walls projects. Artists integrate color, texture, tiles, photography, fabric, and even BUGS into the design. The outcome is powerful. The spaces are forever affected.

In this issue, you will:

  • visit the Center for Modern Art in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • watch a video of the golden sweet potato wall in Sicily
  • experience high-tech, interactive walls in an apartment building
  • observe a giant horse’s muzzle in a hotel room Germany (with a smile)
  • and much, much more!

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