March 2014

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The Art of Place

Welcome to the March issue of CODAmagazine, CODAworx's free digital magazine where we share the best in design + art from all over the world. This month's issue, The Art of Place, showcases 25 amazing projects where collaborative teams transform living, working, and landscape environments into thriving, artful spaces. Altering their atmospheres while assuming new identities, each place showcased is the spectacular result of artists, design professionals, suppliers, fabricators and installation specialists' collaborative work.

The Art of Place is sponsored by Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc. Founded in 1847, Franz Mayer of Munich is one of the leading international studios in the field of architectural art glass and specialized mosaics. With cutting-edge, artistic technology and close collaboration with artists, architects and public art administrators, Franz Mayer has completed dozens of prominent public art projects worldwide.

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