May 2019

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Suspended in Space V

Welcome to the May issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best collaborative projects from all over the world. Suspended in Space is the organizing principle this month, and what an awe-inspiring issue it is! Flip through to discover draping, dangling, and floating collaborations: design + art projects which awe us from above and fill our spaces with beauty and motion.

In this issue you will:

  • travel a city block in National Harbor, MD, under a media-driven sculpture that plays on the mathematical concepts of waves
  • experience the renewal of spring while gazing at an illuminated suspended sculpture in Neptune, NJ
  • be inspired by the meandering, reed-filled wetlands along Florida’s east coast
  • marvel at a kinetic piece that directly relies on alternative energy in a Brooklyn, NY library
  • behold a large-scale glass installation inspired by the color patterns in DNA mapping in an East Lansing, MI bio-engineering facility
and much, much more.

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