May 2017

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Suspended in Space III

Suspended in Space III is the organizing principle of this month’s issue. Artists and designers place their creations above us, in the heavens so to speak, filling our environments with joy, beauty, and motion.

CODAmagazine documents this trend of putting sculpture in the sky; we have selected 25 amazing projects where collaborative teams create magic and wonder, finding the child in each of us as we gaze upward.

The common theme for these astounding projects is indeed the collaborative team, for each atrium sculpture requires complex engineering. Fabricators, lighting designers, and structural engineers are often key collaborators in the process of suspending an artwork in space with no visible means of support. Add movement into the mix, and these collaborative constructions become imposing, ever-changing formations.

All the projects for this month’s Suspended in Space III issue challenge gravity and stop the viewer in their tracks. They dangle, hang, and drape from above — dazzling the senses.

In this issue, you will:

  • go to China and be amazed by a colossal “meteor shower”
  • be tickled by the whimsical use of flip flops and plastic cups in Nashville’s airport
  • see colorful books hovering in the air in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • watch a 2 minute video of a 90-foot interactive sculptural piece with graceful, breath-like movements
  • experience , a high-tech lighting feature in a Hong Kong shopping center
  • and much, much more!

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