May 2016

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Placemaking Art II

Placemaking Art is the organizing principle of this month’s issue. Artists and designers have broadened the scope of their canvases, and turned their collective attentions to placemaking as an artform. Indeed, one might argue that the art of creating ‘a place as art,’ rather than ‘a place with art,’ is the most ambitious challenge for the creative minds of our age.

This issue showcases a wide variety of environments that are places as art. The common theme is collaboration, as these projects involve a variety of companies, communities, and public art programs working in tandem with artists and design professionals, who in turn are dependent on their fabricators, suppliers, and other specialists to bring these projects to reality.

Our feature article this month is an interview with Catherine Widgery, a world-renowned artist who specializes in space and place creations. The story of what compels her to make her work is inspiring and informative.

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