May 2015

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Placemaking Art

Welcome to the May issue of CODAmagazine, CODAworx's free digital magazine where we share the best in design + art from all over the world. This month's issue, Placemaking Art, showcases 25 amazing projects where art defines, activates, and creates spaces. These are design + art projects in the public sphere that give new life and meaning to everyday environments.

This month, CODAmagazine showcases the 25 projects we thought best define spaces. These projects in the public sphere give new life and meaning to everyday environments. Memories and experiences are created, adding meaning and richness to our lives.

All projects featured this month succeed in building a unique experience for the viewer—an experience we will take with us as we move through life. The common theme is the collaborative team, as these projects involve arts organizations and public art programs working in tandem with artists and design professionals, who in turn are dependent on their fabricators, suppliers, and installation specialists to bring these projects to reality.

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