April 2015

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Motion and Mobility

Welcome to the April issue of CODAmagazine, CODAworx's free digital magazine where we share the best in design + art from all over the world. This month's issue, Motion and Mobility, showcases 25 amazing projects where collaborative teams create art which is moving, changing, and ever-altering. These projects are kinetic, suspended, time-based, or performance-driven.

Featured projects this month include suspended sculptures which change as you move around them, as well as sculptures which move due to external forces like wind and gravity. Some of the art requires human interaction to reveal its kinetic effect, like Drawing Machine by Skyline Art Services where viewers physically move a two-story pendulum and The CAVE by the Lisa Frank which is a virtual reality room where people manipulate the artwork projected around them. Water, light, and sound are included in the kinetic aspects of these projects and the viewer interacts with each one in a unique way. These projects come from all over the world, bringing movement and art into our daily lives.

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