October 2018

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The Living Form II

Welcome to the October issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. The Living Form is the organizing principle of this month’s issue and what a beautiful issue it is! Flip through to discover 25 design + art projects from our talented international community of creatives that celebrate living beings in all their forms through a wide range of artistic mediums. These spectacular works all integrate dynamic form into the built environments we experience in our daily lives.

Browsing this issue, you will:

  • enter a festival in Tulum, Mexico through an 8-meter tall human sculpture covered in Kush greenery
  • experience the movement, pace, and energy of students through large-scale sculpture in Grand Rapids, MI
  • commute through Amsterdam via an LED map celebrating the life of a beloved former resident
  • view the first monumental sculptural art made entirely of chairs in the human form in Englewood, CO
  • interact with a colorful school of glass fish on a beach in Australia
  • be greeted by a dramatic hotel reception area draped in moss in Iceland
and much, much more.

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