January 2017

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Light as Art IV

This month marks the third anniversary of CODAmagazine, and we celebrate this event with our fourth annual Light as Art issue. OMG, what a stunner it is! There’s no better way to witness the transformative power of light than in the hands of artists and designers. What they accomplish is no less than magic: Emotion. Excitement. Engagement. Wonder.

As always, this issue of CODAmagazine shares the best of the best. My favorite project in this issue: “Iodine-131-/Black Rain” comes to us from an artist in Minsk, Belarus. “Black Rain” is a visual image of the radioactive rain that resulted from the catastrophic nuclear accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The artwork poignantly reminds us of the devastation caused by the radioactivity discharge, while providing hope – using the power of light.

It’s a spectacular display of the latest innovation in light technology and artistry—and we are oh so proud to share these amazing projects with you.

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