August 2018

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Experiential & Interactive Art

Welcome to the August issue of CODAmagazine, where we share the best design + art projects from all over the world. Experiential & Interactive is the organizing principle this month, and what a fascinating issue it is! Flip through to discover 25 amazing collaborations that are participatory, dynamic, and community-driven: permanent and temporary design + art projects engaging viewers to create unique, playful, and personal experiences with the art.

Browsing this issue, you will:

  • play a musical park bench and engage with the community in Tampa, FL
  • rest, dream, and play under a unique sculpture that senses your movement and responds with a symphony of light and sound in Brisbane, Australia
  • interact with an augmented reality installation in the gardens of a medical center in Bronx, NY
  • travel through a transformed tunnel that recreates the sea in San Sebastian, Spain
  • explore an interactive grass field created through IoT Technology in Philadelphia, PA
and much, much more.

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